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Spektromar Advanced Imaging Centre


Spektromar was opened on its current site as a centre for advanced radiological examinations in 1996. It has continued to successfully provide service as a private radiology clinic since then.

It is able to carry out the most modern examinations, including coronary angiography using the 64 Multislice CT scanner, one of the latest devices for radiological examination.

All magnetic resonance imaging examinations are carried out using the 1.5 Tesla Philips MR scanner.

Classical x-ray and mammography examinations are now digitalised and computerised.

The most experienced specialists in the fields of USG and Doppler work using the Toshiba Aplio 400 and Siemens ACUSON Anteres appliances, the most advanced ultrasonography tools.

The Düzen Laboratory, with whom we work, is one of the largest laboratories in Turkey, accredited and referenced with international certificates. All biochemical, hormonal, micro-biological, and genetic examinations are carried out within the Düzen Laboratory system.

The full-time Radiology Specialists at our centre:

  • Dr. Mehmet Bayar
  • Dr. Birol Oral
  • Dr. Hamid Farazande